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Boston Medical Center news, features, and physicians in local and national media.

Massachusetts Reports First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

The Boston Globe – February 1, 2020

Infectious diseases expert, Dr. David Hamer explains how hospitals have mobilized amidst the coronavirus outbreak and how hospitals like BMC are developing plans and sharing preparedness efforts to ensure staff have the latest information, if needed. 

Words Matter: Boston Medical Center Changes How We Talk And Think About Addiction

Essential Hospitals – January 21, 2020

BMC Grayken Center for Addiction's Maia Gottlieb emphasizes the power that words can have in medicine and describes the pledge made with executive director, Michael Botticelli for employees to use non-stigmatizing language, changing the way we speak about addiction.

The Hidden Health Costs of Addiction

PBS NewsHour – January 13, 2020

“Where you live may be the most important part of your health.” BMC pediatrician, Dr. Megan Sandel researches the intersection of housing and health, finding similar outcomes for both children and parents who are behind on rent or experiencing homelessness. 

Lack of Insurance May Explain Much Of Disparity In Breast Cancer Detection

Reuters – January 9, 2020

Dr. Naomi Ko, a hematology-oncologist at BMC discovered that women of color with breast cancer are less likely to have insurance, contributing to racial and ethnic disparities in diagnosis stage.

What To Expect From The Opioid Epidemic In The Next 5 Years In Boston – January 7, 2020

Dr. Miriam Komaromy, the medical director of BMC’s Grayken Center for Addiction weighs in on the opioid crisis in Boston, highlighting the need for accessible medication, counseling intervention and options over the next five years. 

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