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10 Epidemiologists and Infectious Disease Experts On Whether They Are Sending Their Kids Back to School

TIME - August 29, 2020

As an infectious diseases physician who’s been dealing with COVID-19 since the very beginning, BMC’s Dr. Joshua Barocas shares his experiences with TIME, about how he has been teaching his kids how to wear a mask, wash their hands properly and effectively social distance in preparation for back-to-school policies.


First Documented Case of COVID Reinfection Raises New Concerns About Virus

The Today Show – August 25, 2020

BMC’s medical director of the Special Pathogen Unit, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia weighs in the discovery of a patient in Hong Kong who already had the coronavirus once, and has contracted it a second time. This new finding suggests that some patients who recover from COVID-19 may have only short-lived immunity from reinfection.


Boston Medical Center Urges Low-Dose Aspirin in Pregnancy as Hedge against Preterm Births, Deaths

BU Today – August 18, 2020

“Low-dose aspirin taken at night starting at 12 weeks gestation, has been shown to lower the risk of preeclampsia, preterm birth, and intrauterine growth restriction.” OB-GYN expert, Dr. Niya Noel highlights aspirin as one effort BMC has been working on to redress the racial inequity in pregnancy risks through prenatal care.

The Multitude and Magnitude of Coronavirus Stressors on Children

The Boston Globe  – August 7, 2020

"The consequences of adverse childhood events exacerbate the well-documented disparities in health, education, employability, and income due to poverty and racism,"- BMC's family medicine expert, Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett and pediatrician, Dr. Barry Zuckerman wrote to The Boston Globe to highlight the impact that COVID-19 is having on children, and what needs to be addressed to support families moving forward.

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